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October 23, 2003


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As the anniversary of Jessica Lynch's battle history approaches on Tuesday I return

to this forum to eat some crow. The Army finally dispensed with the posthumous awarding of the silver star to Sgt. Donald Walters of Salem, Oregon. In a prior post I added to my bleak realism saying that the oversight would continue on until after his parents were deceased. I herein apologize openly to the Pentagon for this underestimation. I still feel that Walters bravery might rate higher but the upgrading from bronze to silver was politically convenient and expeditious, thank you Pentagon. Isn't it great that we can both admit our mistakes.

I know now that Central Command's reasons for fabricating Jessica's legend were

based on morale considerations and the need to sustain public optimism.

What could be more disheartening than the widespread knowledge that an Air Force

A-10 Wart hog strafed Marine infantry men on 3/23/03 possibly killing ten Marines. Who wants to hear that during "Shock and Awe" bombing when our ground forces were facing absolutely zero air defense from the invaded nation, they would contend with the same problems Afghani peasants have with that dang A-10. Good call to stifle that story.

And weren't these Nasiriyah natives supposed to be jubilant and grateful? So much for intelligence.

Then we struck gold. Pfc. Lynch miraculously survived and the demons are not only giving her their best medical care, they're bringing her Tommy Hilfinger soccer

sweatshirts and singing her lullabies. Get plenty of batteries ready boys we're going in for a 5' 3"", 100 pound teenager from the impoverished West Virginia hills. She's bagging a GI bill to be a kindergarten teacher. And even though we have her on camera smiling and she's obviously talking, what the hell, let's throw in a couple bullet wounds and sink an imaginary blade into her to imply hand to hand combat.

Did the bullet wounds happen before or after the stabbing? Who cares? She's a tough

little hillbilly. So let Gidget take Iraq. And can she take punishment? Christ, she wants to teach kindergarten doesn't she?

When this eventually (1 day) fell apart we were duty bound to deny

planting a distraction story and, oh by the way, it's quite plausible in the mind of

the true believer news consumer, that she was raped by those viagara sucking

Fedayeen mongrels who rape the perfect virgins Allah sends them even when they're under fire. Let's keep that in storage. Another good call. And what a class call it was to make it a sodomy.

We needed all the help we could get when three days later we were forced to bury

the story of losing over 200 soldiers in the battle for Baghdad. Don't look there folks!

http://www.geocities.com/onlythecaptain/index.htm. Hey our little pixie, patriot symbol is struggling in a German hospital, but with your prayers she might be OK. Smooth handling CentComm.

Then...hold on! We don't want anyone noticing that Ahmed Chalabi and 700 'lighlty armed INC exiles' were flown into Nasiriyah from the north shortly after Lynch was rescued and the battle that Chalabi told us wasn't supposed to happen was won.

All told, it turns out that Jessica Lynch didn't need the Pentagon's myth makers to make her life special. When Fate, God, whoever, or whatever, tagged Jessica Lynch and

said, "you're it girl," It came down in a lot of directions;

- females in combat

- the draft that will be needed to realize ambitions in the "war on terror."

- War Crimes challenges. (How dare anyone challenge us about depleted uranium when they did what they did to little Jessica.)

- Just compensation to veterans for injuries incurred.

- The tradition of using medals of valor as politically motivated teasers.

- The effect of that prostituted intelligence has at every level - from the common foot

soldier to the American voter. Who can blame Capt. Troy Kent King for taking such a seemingly stupid turn into Nasariyah, when, as Ted Koppel's Nightline would later reveal, INC/CIA/Bechtel Promotional Intelligence stated that Iraqi defenses were unconcerned with Nasariyah and the 'liberated populace' would be blowing kisses of adoration.

Of all the planted stories meant to pre-revise the operative history of the Iraqi

invasion the Jessica Lynch propaganda operation is still unique. Although it has been exposed as a public opinion operation there is still something inherently healthy

about the string of events. This inherent goodness I refer to can be seen in the reactions of those who were randomly used by the war machine's propaganda wing, including Jessica Lynch and, well, the entire American audience.

Jessica Lynch has become a hero for not trying to be one and she fights on through her foundation for the kids of lost veterans like those of her friend and fellow soldier,

Lori Piestewa.

Numerous situations have arisen during the examination of the remarkable history of the 507th in Nasiriyah when it seems like the U.S. Military would be glad to say, "That's a no brainer. Let 'em have what they want." In the case of honoring Lori Piestewa it would seem that the Pentagon and some Arizona throwbacks are dtermined to represent the axiom that those who rule

with no brains can't recognize obvious 'no brainers.' Has her family gotten a

POW medal yet? She certainly was a POW. Lori was the first native American woman

to be killed in combat. Is it because she was an Indian and a single mother of 2 that

they don't want to rename "Squaw Peak" in her honor. Lori fulfilled her commitment

to the Marines and reenlisted with the Army because she couldn't find a job.

Arizona runs on cheap labor.


Mr. Rogers, I tried to send you an e-mail, but it was returned. Could you please please e-mail me with contact information? I want to know more. I will not post the contents of your e-mail without your consent, but I know there are millions of people who want to know what you have told me.

You have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your son.



I have a few disjointed thoughts that have been bothering me that I would like to share with you all.
We have satelites that are capable of reading the date on a worn dime with the clarity and accuracy of a microscope constantly orbiting the globe.

George W Bush ordered the FBI to cease and desist with their on-going investigation into business ties between the Bush and Bin Laden families... now why would he do that?

Two weeks before 9-11, a CIA operative met with Usama Bin Laden in Dubai.

We can't seem to find this guy, although he is said to be riding a donkey in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Bill Clinton, George H W Bush, George W Bush, Tony Blair, and several others belong to the same "secret" society Skull and Bones, which has been rumored to be of the sect known as the Illuminati, whose goal it has been for more than 2 centuries is to gain world control through diplomatic and economic means. The powers that be in the White House have been under control of these 3 men, either directly, or indirectly, for 24 years now (and with the insanity goign on with the Democratic primaries, it looks like 4 more at least). The United States arguably controls the world through economic and military means. What is really going on here?


Well.... Hello Again,

This once timely forum has indeed branched far afield since the time I last offered a comment.

Conspicuous by it's absence, in this forum, as well as the

mass-media and internet beyond, is any serious discussion of the Iraqi TV video of soldiers Lynch and Piestewa aired on NBC nightly news on Tues. Dec. 30, '03. NBC's ubiquitous, embedded reporter

Richard Engel explained how a staffer for Iraqi TV

had saved a copy (perhaps more than 1) of their Mar. 23, video of Jessica Lynch and Lori Piestewa that was taken at the military hospital where they were first treated after their capture. It was only allowed a single airing with no subsequent discussion. It was very enlightening none the less.

The Iraqi camera was steadied on a tripod between the 2 subjects beds. Both soldiers were fully dressed. Since Piestewa was on the right looking away, and apparently close to death she was briefly handled by the camera crew who lifted her right leg to display the multiple bone fractures therein and lightly twisted her head toward the camera causing her to make a defiant movement of her lips while her eyes remained blank. This became an important point because reporter Engel quoted the Iraqi TV employee who'd salvaged the video as saying his superiors in Saddam's regime declared the footage unusable because of the handling of the prisoners.

No manipulation was required to display Lynch as she was laying prone toward the camera position. A slight zoom-in showed that Jessica's face was almost as white as the bandaging on her right side. She was definitely unconscious. Her head and mouth cuts were evident, and her eyes, though closed, were moving due to pain and/or the influence of painkillers. Her T-shirt and uniform pants were completely intact.

For the purposes of those who push the unchallenged assertion that Jessica Lynch was tortured and raped (anally) during her 3 hours of unconcsciousness the Iraqi video evidence does not fortify

that claim. This is probably one reason the story was flashed and shelved. Given the Pentagon's record of continuous lies and badly planted evidence used to justify the invasion I suspect that CentCom invented the violation of Ms. Lynch as a routine exercise of power. Most importantly to the administration all attention has been distracted away from the friendly fire incident that happened the same day in the battle of Nasariyah wherein perhaps as many as 10 Marines were killed by one of our own planes.

AP's article on the Iraqi video included a quote from Shoshana Johnson ...

...The identities of Lynch and Piestewa were verified for NBC by Spc. Shoshana

Johnson, one of the rescued soldiers. ``It was a little shocking to see Lori, but it also gave me a little peace to know that they tried, they did their best for her,'' Johnson, 30, of El Paso, Texas, told the network. ``I mean, it was obvious they tried to bandage her up and give her medical care.''

It seems the Pentagon will never reveal the source of the initial legend that had Pfc. Lynch suffering knife and bullet wounds as she went down in a blazing firefight. Sgt. Donald Walters who

died with the valor that was intentionally attributed to Lynch probably won't receive the posthumous accolades he earned

until his parents are dead. Jessica Lynch will probably need

physical therapy for many years.

I'm compelled to mention the luxurious misuse of the word ambush in the U.S. press. If a "Shock and Awe" bombing of our capital city was followed by the event of an enemy convoy foolishly wandering into one of our major cities the expected heroic response would certainly be deemed a noble retaliation. NBC's report of 12/30/03 went so far as to include a computer cartoon showing an 'ambush' on a road lined with palm trees and all the buildings of Nasariyah conveniently vanished. And they're the network that made the movie of the fiasco.

I have a deeply patriotic love for this country. It drives me to do a

lot of homework deconstructing the propaganda flowing from this empire's thought police. As I write this I'm hearing that Osama slipped yet another audiotape past all our intelligence apparatus and

by golly if he doesn't praise Saddam in this one. What a switch for that cave-dwelling father of 15.

Thanks for the time and space and good luck in maintaining the line between healthy skepticism and cynicism.


what is there to cover up? everybody knows the military inflated the facts. that's old news. Jessica herself has said she didn't do anything heroic. And now you want people to believe that the govt. would kill other military members in order to "cover up" a story that is already common and accepted knowledge?



Wow, who are you really trying to convince? just remember, the human being is flawed regardless of what country or organization they work for. As I clearly stated in my response to your liberal dribble. Let's face it, you re a critic of your own people (which serves a purpose), your are just so bitter and jealous.

My suggesstion for you is to leave the USA for 5 years and if you don't miss it stay away and if you do then stay away. By the way, I read where you had quite a bit of experience away from the USA. Why did you come back if it's just so bad? Without a doubt, your a liberal clone. There are many of you with the exact same perspective. Usually the jealousy and bitterness are the motivation for that philosophy if you really evaluate why they are like they are.

Bye and good luck spending a lifetime of bitterness, critism.

Best wishes for you and your party in the election after this next one. hah!



I've lived abroad for three years, traveled to twenty-two countries and through several more, speak three languages, and have BA in Government and an MA in International Relations with a concentration in Strategic Studies. I have had numerous courses and seminars on political risk and terrorism. My bookcases are full of books on limited nuclear warfare, military strategy, and biological and chemical weapons production. I worked with an Army unit in West Berlin during the height of the Cold War. I went to school with ambassadors, diplomats, military personnel and students of all nationalities. I was accepted by two universities (one Ivy league and one African) for doctoral studies in the field of Political Violence, but I decided I didn't have the emotional fortitude to deal with the subject on a daily basis. I stood on the Berlin Wall during the early morning hours of November 9, 1989. The following Monday I returned to work with nothing but contempt for some of the assholes I worked with who called me a flaming liberal for daring to suggest the obvious a year before - that the Berlin Wall would not last more than five more years. During the summer of 1989, East Germans were holding candlelight vigils with up to 20,000 in attendance, and the military and police forces left them alone. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the jig is up, but that wasn't to the liking of the military industrial complex, which continually overstated the strength and motivations of the East Bloc to justify the lucrative defense contracts.

I could have had an interesting career in government had that been my desire, but I was sickened by the level of ineptitude I witnessed everywhere I turned. I told my husband that I would leave him if he reenlisted in the Air Force. I did meet some very smart, compassionate individuals. There are people who endure the system and work from within to make changes. Some days the only thing that gets me by is the knowledge that there are people within the system who are doing their best to stop or expose the mayhem. But most of the people I encountered were at best naive. There were lots of idiots. The Captain of the Chemical Weapons unit was by far one of the dumbest people I have ever encountered in my life. She was also known as the woman who wanted to Court Martial a soldier for failing to salute an officer as she passed by the PX. She was in a few of my terrorism courses. (An American taking the course is a student, but a darkly pigmented individual studying the same subject is labeled a "terrorist".) When our professor asked her to comment on the effects of mustard gas and its use as a weapon of war or terror, she replied, "A lot of housewives blow up their toilets when they mix ammonia and bleach together in the toilet bowl." Our class sat in stunned silence. The professor repeated his question, and she went on to list some of the more dangerous reactions of bathroom agents.

The unit I worked with had to have a psychologist talk to every member of our unit. We had an employee steal money from the safe. Turned out the culprit, caught when she embezzled something from Registered Mail to pay for her known gambling habit, had a history of theft. She was kicked out of the military for prostitution and theft of government resources, and later rehired as a foreign national working with an Army unit. This, too, was known to the Commanding Officer upon her hiring and granting of a security clearance. There were lots of other little goodies in the personnel files. FUBAR to the extreme.

I stayed as long as I did because it was a valuable experience and complimented my studies. My husband left the military a week after the Wall came down, which was fortuitous timing. I would have resigned from my position anyway after the invasion of Panama. Noriega is a creep and a murderous thug, but we had absolutely no jurisdiction or justification for the action. It was the brainchild of Herr H. W. Bush, who needed to silence those who could threaten his presidency and status as a free man.

Your attempt to paint me as some America hater is exemplary of the problem facing the American culture at large - the absence of critical thinking skills. You immediately jump to the conclusion that I've never been abroad when there are references to my travels in my writings and links on my site, right in front of you if you took the time to look. But research would disavow many of your opinions, so you take the short cut and make up stuff, much like Limbaugh and O'Reilly. You do not seek the truth, because the truth will shatter your perception of your country. The United States is not free of corruption. Just look at the faux election in Florida. Greg Palast has enough evidence for a prosecutor to put away several Florida officials, including Katherine Harris, and yet nothing happens. Where's the accountability? Certainly not in our accounting standards, which have allowed companies like WorldCom, Tyco, Enron, Arthur Anderson, Citibank, JP Morgan, and the like to screw over investors and employees. Ken Lay managed to get the United States into a war with Afghanistan while bankrupting his company. Does he sit in jail? No, he has a big fat bank account while many investors were force to declare bankruptcy. Martha Stewart, big time Democratic Party backer, is investigated for insider trading while the blatant insider trading activities of George W. Bush are ignored. Then there are the mafias that operate in every city and region of the country, all of which significantly impact elections and business development. We have the President of Diebold promising to deliver the votes for the election of George Bush in 2004. Diebold voting machines keep two sets of Microsoft databases and are loaded with security flaws that could easily allow someone to tamper with the count. Is this not corruption?

On top of this, the United States has an ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL fiat banking system that is about to explode. No doubt there will be a convenient terror attack just before the system finally crashes.

If you loved your country, none of this would be news to you. If you loved your country, you would be angry that the people who promised to represent you in government sold out to defense contractors and other scamsters. You would be angry that a group of flaccid little men have sent your fellow countrymen off to die for oil, weapons, and greed.

The United States does not have the free press you brag of. We rank 7 or 16th, depending on which list you look at. Certainly since the staged attacks the media has been nothing but a lapdog to the psychopath residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. We export our natural resources and import technology, making the country the definition of a banana republic. We offer very little in terms of cultural advancement. Gangster rap is the devolution of culture. It certainly doesn't inspire the masses to go out and find inventive solutions to the problems facing mankind. Schools are eliminating music and arts programs, thereby limiting the development and advancement of our society. Kids are graduating from high school without the ability to add or subtract, let alone solve problems. Parents sue teachers over grades, threatening personal lawsuits if little Homer loses his shot at a basketball scholarship because he had to sit out on a game when recruiters were in town. Do you not find the educational system corrupt? Where is the accountability? Why is the cost of education increasing and the quality decreasing? Isn't that a violation of economic laws brandied about by Bush and company?

You can make your little condescending remarks, but the opinions of an idiot mean nothing to me. Your kind will result in the destruction of America. The problems cannot be solved until they are first addressed. You can run around with your hands over your ears singing, "Lalalalalala" all day long, but the inevitable can only be delayed for so long. In the end you will look like an idiot for ridiculing those who demanded the truth. Worse, you might have had the chance to do something about it, but instead you choose to ridicule those who seek answers while offering no information of value to defend your point of view.



In this world of defective human liars, the USA is probably the MOST honest and legit. Have YOU ever been outside of the USA? It's unbeleivable how corrupt everyday life is outside of the USA. People who generally love to bash the USA are basically jealous because the USA is The World Leader. Fundamentally, the human race tends to want to tear down whoever is on top.

All the critism and all the scrutiny that the USA undergoes is far more than any other place in the world because of the advanced technology and extensive media that we allow. All f this helps the USA to have much more accountability than any other place. Show me a place with very llittle accountability and I'll show you a corrupt place.

I'm sure the negative critics will disagree by nature so best wishes in your bitterness and jealousy. But, you do serve a purpose.






I am not discreting any persons beleiefs, but please do not use Sok Khaks name. Out of respect for the family of Sok Khak Ung, please DO NOT use his name and his memory in any suspected theory without any real facts. It is only stipulation, and so please do not discredit his memory. Sok Khak risked his life defending his adopted country and only wanted to better the lives of himself, his family, and his country. I'm not saying I know what happened but I am saying that the family wants to find his killer. The killer of Sok Khak Ung sprayed 6 to eight shots in random areas. Sok Khak was killed by a person who REACHED over a fence to fire his shots. Think for a minute here, if the government wanted to kill sombody or silence them wouldn't they use a more sophistigated plot? I'm not sure but please stop suspecting things. If anybody wants to actually help out Sok's family find the person who killed my family friend. Thank you



Case for war confected, say top US officials
Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles
09 November 2003

An unprecedented array of US intelligence professionals, diplomats and former Pentagon officials have gone on record to lambast the Bush administration for its distortion of the case for war against Iraq. In their view, the very foundations of intelligence-gathering have been damaged in ways that could take years, even decades, to repair.

A new documentary film beginning to circulate in the United States features one powerful condemnation after another, from the sort of people who usually stay discreetly in the shadows - a former director of the CIA, two former assistant secretaries of defence, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and even the man who served as President Bush's Secretary of the Army until just a few months ago.

Between them, the two dozen interviewees reveal how the pre-war intelligence record on Iraq showed virtually the opposite of the picture the administration painted to Congress, to US voters and to the world. They also reconstruct the way senior White House officials - notably Vice-President Dick Cheney - leaned on the CIA to find evidence that would fit a preordained set of conclusions.

"There was never a clear and present danger. There was never an imminent threat. Iraq - and we have very good intelligence on this - was never part of the picture of terrorism," says Mel Goodman, a veteran CIA analyst who now teaches at the National War College.

The case for accusing Saddam Hussein of concealing weapons of mass destruction was, in the words of the veteran CIA operative Robert Baer, largely achieved through "data mining" - going back over old information and trying to wrest new conclusions from it. The agenda, according to George Bush Senior's ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Chas Freeman, was both highly political and profoundly misguided.

"The theory that you can bludgeon political grievances out of existence doesn't have much of a track record," he says, "so essentially we have been neo-conned into applying a school of thought about foreign affairs that has failed everywhere it has been tried."

The hour-long film - entitled Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War - was put together by Robert Greenwald, a veteran TV producer in the forefront of Hollywood's anti-war movement who never suspected, when he started out, that so many establishment figures would stand up and be counted.

"My attitude was, wow, CIA people, I thought these were the bad guys," Mr Greenwald said. "Not everyone agreed on everything. Not everyone was against the war itself. But there was a universally shared opinion that we had been misled about the reasons for the war."

Although many elements in the film are not necessarily new - the forged document on uranium sales from Niger to Iraq, the aluminium tubes falsely assumed to be parts for nuclear weapons, the satellite images of "mobile biolabs" that turned out to be hydrogen compression facilities, the "decontamination vehicles" that were in fact fire engines - what emerges is a striking sense of professional betrayal in the intelligence community.

As the former CIA analyst Ray McGovern argues with particular force, the traditional role of the CIA has been to act as a scrupulously accurate source of information and analysis for presidents pondering grave international decisions. That role, he said, had now been "prostituted" and the CIA may never be the same. "Where is Bush going to turn to now? Where is his reliable source of information now Iraq is spinning out of control? He's frittered that away," Mr McGovern said. "And the profound indignity is that he probably doesn't even realise it."

The starting point for the tarnishing of the CIA was a speech by Vice-President Cheney on 26 August 2002, in which he told the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Nashville that Saddam was reconstituting his nuclear weapons programme and was thus threatening to inflict "death on a massive scale - in his own region or beyond".

According to numerous sources, Mr Cheney followed up his speech with a series of highly unorthodox visits to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in which he badgered low-level analysts to come up with information to substantiate the extremely alarming - but entirely bogus - contents of his speech.

By early September, intelligence experts in Congress were clamouring for a so-called National Intelligence Estimate, a full rundown of everything known about Iraq's weapons programmes. Usually NIEs take months to produce, but George Tenet, the CIA director, came up with a 100-page document in just three weeks.

The man he picked to write it, the weapons expert Robert Walpole, had a track record of going back over old intelligence assessments and reworking them in accordance with the wishes of a specific political interest group. In 1998, he had come up with an estimate of the missile capabilities of various rogue states that managed to sound considerably more alarming than a previous CIA estimate issued three years earlier. On that occasion, he was acting at the behest of a congressional commission anxious to make the case for a missile defence system; the commission chairman was none other than Donald Rumsfeld, now Secretary of Defence and a key architect of the Iraq war.

Mr Walpole's NIE on Iraq threw together all the elements that have now been discredited - Niger, the alumin- ium tubes, and so on. It also gave the misleading impression that intelligence analysts were in broad agreement about the Iraqi threat, relegating most of the doubts and misgivings to footnotes and appendices.

By the time parts of the NIE were made public, even those few qualifications were excised. When President Bush's speechwriters got to work - starting with the address to Congress on 7 October that led to a resolution authorising the use of force against Iraq - the language became even stronger.

Mr Tenet fact-checked the 7 October speech, and seems to have played a major role in every subsequent policy address, including Colin Powell's powerful presentation to the United Nations Security Council on 5 February. Of that pivotal speech, Mr McGovern says in the film: "It was a masterful performance, but none of it was true."



I know I am new here, and lots of you are going to think I am totally crazy, but I really believe this to be true. I submit it here with respect, and a bit of hope that perhaps one or two here present, may profit from it.


The Nazi's are not a thing of the past. The neonazis are not representative of the power, which the real NAZI's still wield, world wide. To them WW2 is just a lost battle. The WAR goes on, and they are winning it. They are because too many believe it is over, and that Naziism is no longer a threat.

Sadly our Nation's future is in the hands of a people drunk on materialism, blinded by self interest, and deluded by the corporate controlled news media and entertainment industry.

For these things, the entire world shall be completely dominated by the remnants of the Third Reich. Those same who at this very moment, without restraint, bring to fruition the nightmare conceived by the powers of darkness. The same evil which now decimates our entire planetary ecosystem, and pollutes the minds of people everywhere.

They create chaos globally, and then offer their solutions to the very problems they create, in order to further their agenda of world domination. Ask yourself how those who were capable, of perpetrating the evil they employed during WW2, could have ever given up seeking to control the world? They want it that bad, and they shall have it.

Was 911, which has been used as an excuse to transform our democratic republic into a Police State, really the work of Islamic terrorists? Or was 911 really a very carefully planned event? Scheduled on a date synonymous with emergency in the US, was it merely a ploy to galvanize public support for the deployment of US military power? Isn't it obvious by now, since no WMD were ever found, that our troops have been used not to protect us from Islamic terrorists, but really only to gain control of the very foundation of the world economy, that is OIL?

George H, W. Bush Sr., promised to usher in a New World Order. It is now surely obvious, to everyone with eyes to see, that he has made good on his promise. As soon as they have finished consolidating their power, The New World Order will finish what Hitler tried to do, and yet failed to accomplish.

Whoever controls the world economy, will of course have unlimited political power. In controlling Oil completely, they will control the entire world, and so everyone who lives in it.

Because OIL is the foundation of the world economy, and BIG OIL is our government, we live in interesting times. The key to world power lies neatly in one place for the greater part, and so presents an opportunity, just to good to pass up.

I am also astonished that so many people think that The New World Order is somehow Christian, or has anything to do with real Christianity. Far from it, and in fact the converse is true. Yet does any of this have to do with Christianity really? Yes it does, but differently than many assume.

Our current President, his father and granddaddy, and Ronald Reagan certainly, are all fulfilling Biblical prophecy. They really are, and far more literally than I ever expected anyone would.

The book of Revelation chapter 13 speaks of how to identify the Antichrist, and the Second Beast who comes 'immediately' after him. Two men who lead as public figureheads, a world government, which will have control of all buying and selling world wide. The book of Daniel in the old testament, explains in detail how they gain such power, resulting from the application of military force.

Daniel says that the two Beasts will gain control of the world economy, by attacking and defeating the oil rich nations of the Persian Gulf, beginning with Iraq at that.

Revelation chapter 13 identifies these two men, whom it refers to as the Two Beasts, the Antichrist, and the Second Beast or False Prophet.

Revelation states the Antichrist is a human man, with a great speaking ability. A man who is such a persuasive orator, you could call him The Great Communicator. It says also that the Antichrist is wounded mortally while in the world spotlight, and the world is astonished that he yet lives to survive it.

Revelation then says that he would be followed immediately, by the Second Beast. The next guy in office who has "the same power and authority" which he had. It further mentions a rather interesting juxtaposition concerning the Antichrist's successor, as a man who has a kind and gentle image like a lamb, who yet talks like a dragon.

This Second Beast makes the world worship 'the image' of the Antichrist (Beast) who precedes him, and causes all who live upon the earth to receive the number of that man's name to buy
or sell.

Then it says you just count the number of the first beast's name, and it sums out as 666. No numerology required. This is referred to as the mark of the Beast. I am sure you have heard of it.

There is only one significantly powerful man, in all of history, whose name sums out as 666, just by counting it. Now please count the number of letters in this former US President's name. There are six letters in RONALD, six in WILSON and also six in REAGAN. 666

Reagan is the only 'world leader' in all of history to have a birth name like that. Ronald Wilson Reagan clearly was an 'image President'. The most popular in US history, he was and still is virtually worshiped by his many followers. It was his successor Bush senior, who used his CIA and BIG OIL connections to make him so popular, resulting in the virtual worship of Reagan's 'image'. I believe really Bush picked Reagan as a figurehead, because of his charisma and previously existing popularity.

Reagan was referred to by many, as The Great Communicator, for his notable eloquence.

Reagan was mortally wounded while in office, and he astonished the world when he survived it.

Reagan was also succeeded immediately by a tough talking man, with a kind and gentle "lamby" image. George H. W. Bush Sr., who even ran on the platform of "a kinder gentler America", talked tough of war and then invaded Iraq, just as Daniel said he would. His son now carries on his policies at his direction.

Revelation also states that the second beast would have the power to call down fire from heaven. Bush and his son have been raining fire down all over the world. Their catch phrase should be, Bombs R Us.

Here is another thing you may not know.

Reagan, during his first term as President, immediately established diplomatic relations with The Vatican. This was in stark defiance of the Constitution, and that really upset allot of people if you recall.

Then Reagan expanded our Social Security number from 9 to 18 digits. If you don't believe me, look at any post Reagan era Social Security card. There are the usual 9 digits on the front, and an additional 'new' 9 digits on the back printed in red. You cannot legally have a job, or a bank account without it.

The US Federal government has long said that eventually we will have to go cash-less, and all transactions will then be by debit card. This is to counteract counterfeiting and terrorism they claim. By Federal law, enacted by Reagan during his Presidency, all Electronic Funds Transfer accounts, debit cards etc., must use your Social Security number as your account number. The digits are scrambled to protect your identity, but it is your Social Security number.

Surely in "response to terrorism", this plan shall move forth quickly.



bedlamites? holy moses batman!!! I haven't heard that ancient english since Sunday school. Hey I'm not big on conspiracy theories.... but maybe this will throw some light on the propoganda machine of the jingoistic chicken hawks. If anyone buys this hero crap that Bush is promulgating then why not a conspiracy theory like Saddam conspired to blow up the WTC. How many people were killed in the last Iraq adventure? Yay for the heros!!


oops, I take that back LOL that one was already listed there, I guess impatience got the better of me :)


ahem, you forgot one soldier in your list, he just came back from Irak, was also part of the Jessica Lynch rescue team, and died at a family reunion around Long Beach,CA, when some guy shot into the crowd (the solider's family), "only" killing him. He was decorated as well after the Lynch "rescue" 22 years old. So make that 5 soldiers


Should *have*. Maybe you should *have* said something or other. You'll likely learn this important grammatical rule when you get to the seventh grade. You may also learn that right-wing hypocritical drug addicts don't have a monopoly on ham-handed sarcasm. You might even learn that when paranoid scaremongers trot out ludicrous conspiracy theories, it becomes much easier for jingoist pundits and their stooges, drones, and clones to dismiss *all* criticism of the administration's policies, including legitimate criticism, as the meandering fantasies of bedlamites. I doubt it, but you might.


What the hell is frighted? I meant frightened. But maybe I should of said Hannitized lunatic somewhere in there.


There seems to be no way to raise the

lowest common denominator in this dicussion without drawing inane comments

from frighted saboteurs who drag it back down the asshole level. I'm speaking of the last 2 posts above. First the jesus freak recruiter, Tipp. with the old John 3:16 trotted out for no appropriate reason and most recently some born again sucker named Barnum whom I

speculate by his style is a pure Rush

Limbaugh dittohead.

It's all there-the opening diversion

as though he's going to say something

about which he's actually studied, followed by arrogant conclusions based on the strawman 'facts' he parsed out

and ,of course, the descent into

an attempt at insulting obnoxious humor.

Heavy on the obnoxiousness - zip on the

humor. Then it's off to get stroked by some fellow freeper for the cool way he dissed that liberal website. These fools must br going through as much withdrawal

as their phony fatass leader. The way they try to pass their crap off as patriotism always belies how fear-driven and inadequate they really are.


Read the stories on the deaths of Tapper, Ung, Speer, and Williams. Count the number who were actually present at Lynch's rescue (or pickup; call it what you want). Then count the number who were merely part of a unit that somehow took part in the rescue. Then count the number who simply belonged to the same unit to which Lynch was assigned. Then ask yourself just how eerie all of this really is. If you still think it's really eerie, then I have more alarming news for you. Halliburton has installed a death ray on the moon's surface and it is pointed directly at your bedroom. Just before the ray is activated, Bechtel is going to send a squad of oompah-loompahs into your house to steal all of your loose change. Bechtel is after loose change because it has no serial numbers and thus can't be traced, and they use oompah-loompahs because no one over the age of six believes in them, even though we enlightened few all know they're real. (Oompah-Loompah, doopity doo, I've got another puzzle for you. . . .)


Unending questions...

One answer, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not persish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that through him might be saved." [John 3:16-17]


I'm sorry my old mac seems to send my posts with spaces between the lines.

My thanks to a fellow researcher for

finding the buried story and CNN website which very well details the errant warthog of 3/23/03 - Nasariyah:


I was afraid it had been scrubbed. It may soon be. Get it and save it as well as you can. It is not just one story it is an explosion of stories. Within the

text you will find a Marine who actually

tattood the names of his 18 fallen comrades on his arm. Like this, that is reaching for unsupressed freedom of expression. That is commitment beyond my

definitions. I would like to know what was in that pilots bloodstream.

Imagine the CentCom PsyOps commanders

in Kuwait when this tragedy crossed their screen so early in the operation.

How potentially demoralizing to the still fragile campaign of conquest it would've been.

What cloying glee they must have felt

when Rehaief's wife saw Lynch, thus starting the funnel cloud of mythology

we're currently derivising. No wonder

G.I. Walsh's pure guts deathstand heroics were convenietly reattributed

to Pfc. Lynch in the initial April Fools Day superstory. A punchdrunk, confused America needs heroes even more desperately than the Pentagon and they're not only buying, they're submissively worshipping the myth.

None other than Tom Ridge wass called in to whisk Rehaief and family to their

new superlife in America. NBC's softest

reporter, Jamie Gangelt, was called in to do the mushy colorization piece designed to support all of Mr. Rehaief's claims.

I'm so glad Jessica refused to meet him

the other day. When she thanked the Iraqi's who helped her she obviously meant the hospital staff - not Rehaief.

If they had waited one day longer an

Iraqi doctor would have gotten media credit for free ER surgery on an American invader. They snatched her up

before that potential PR tragedy went

down, though I question the medical wisdom of the move.

Stop bitching about Jessica selling out. Stop attacking pawns. She's a symbol. A prop. She's handled, drugged and programmed and all her fears and dreams are exploited for the sake of

Cheney's dominion. As a man who later had a tainted aircraft carrier named after him said, "you can't fool all the people all of the time. Do your true

patriot's homework and watch NBC's epic

puff-piece. Gag it down, tape it off the air take notes and share your free

objectivity. Maybe share it with the

Marines who were straifed by depleted

uranium shells and then silenced by the very people they were fighting for. Maybe share it with the families of the doomed witnesses to the truth about the

precious coverup. And just maybe share it with a freaked out former, A-10 pilot

who probably couldn't see jack-shit

through the sandy haze of An Nasariyah,

and pass the guilt he feels up the chain where it belongs.

I truly feel that Jessica Lynch would've been a great kindergarten teacher, as was her intention. Maybe in a simpler time.

Wilson Boozer

The following appears under my name in your column. It can readily be seen that what purports to be my words falls woefully short of my ability to express myself in English. Whoever wrote it has appropriated my name for his own purposes, but he should desist, and use his own name for further postings.

Posted by: Wilson Boozer at October 29, 2003 02:42 PM

Me I just Laugh at you americans, 90% of you Sheeple are sucking this up as much as Arnie's glory of going from Hollywood Actor to Govt Actor ...... Let the comedy go on >... At least you yanks make war humourous !!

Again, these are not my words.

Wilson Boozer

Mr. Q

Posted by: Wilson Boozer at October 29, 2003 02:42 PM

Me I just Laugh at you americans, 90% of you Sheeple are sucking this up as much as Arnie's glory of going from Hollywood Actor to Govt Actor ...... Let the comedy go on >... At least you yanks make war humourous !!
How can you say that when the majority of posts here are from wide awake, intelligent readers. You must mean "THE" sheeple, because "WE" here are not. "THE" sheeple wouldn't be caught dead hanging out here with us tin foil hat wearers. There are far more knowledgable, intelligent, real patriots in the USA (i.e. posts by Gordane & Webber), than the ZOG & their puppets in the media business want you foriegners to know about, so who's REALLY in the dark?


>Sure I know he wasn't out there himself
>planting the micro nuclear device on the base
>of the towers that brought them down, that was

where did you get that idea? link?


Way to go Gordane!

The present "Strong Man", or should I say "Straw Man" of the present illegitimate Junta in the District of Criminals is a certified mass murderer doing the bidding by proxy of the other illegitimate cabal, the Zionist State of Israel.

Is it not ironic that Zionist dominated Whorelywood is producing this nauseating piece of propoganda about Jessica Stench, supreme queen of the trailer trash regime?!?

In the mess the world finds itself at this late date, ask yourself the question, quo bono?

The treasonous events of 911 were a joint CIA/Mossad operation and qualifies as a true coup d'etat. America is in for the battle of its life as per Wahsington's Vision in Valley Forge. The proxies we will be fighting will have NATO and UN insignia on their fatigues, however, it will be the Zionist hijacked Star of David stamped on their marching orders.

As an aside, it is painfully apparent that the collapse of the U.S. economy was orchestrated for the sole purpose of forcing more desperate Americans into uniform. We are talking about crimes of heretofore unheard of proportions. These criminals will not go peacfully. They intend to wipe us out with their biological weapons before they face justice.


"Only 4? Bush has a long way to go to catch up to Clinton."
I think Schrub is way ahead. Last count the twin towers death toll is 2752 I believe. Sure I know he wasn't out there himself planting the micro nuclear device on the base of the towers that brought them down, that was MOSSAD. But he knew about it and had a part in it.


On Oct. 3, CNN very briefly carried a

story of an investigation into the possible friendly fire killing of 10

marines by an Air Force A-10 warthog

in the "battle" of An Nasariyah on

March 23rd - the day pfc. Lynch was

captured in that city. I did some other business and went back to it about a

half-hour later but it was gone and no mention of that investigation has come up anywhere else.

Obviously this under reported event

could pertain to the Lynch mythology.

Do any of you folks know someting to share sbout this?


On Oct. 3, CNN very briefly carried a

story of an investigation into the possible friendly fire killing of 10

marines by an Air Force A-10 warthog

in the "battle" of An Nasariyah on

March 23rd - the day pfc. Lynch was

captured in that city. I did some other business and went back to it about a

half-hour later but it was gone and no mention of that investigation has come up anywhere else.

Obviously this under reported event

could pertain to the Lynch mythology.

Do any of you folks know someting to share sbout this?


The URL didn't post righ so heres the ending after the word "sheet"



This might be of interest.


Jessica Lynch snubs Iraqi who helped to free her
By Marcus Warren in New York
(Filed: 29/10/2003)

A journey to the home town of Jessica Lynch by the Iraqi lawyer who helped to free the young American soldier ended in embarrassment for all concerned when she snubbed him.

Miss Lynch, portrayed as a heroine of our times for her courage while a prisoner of war, was too busy to receive the visitor, her family's lawyer said.

aen rabion

is that all u guys can say?
the whole of mid east will finally be in the hands of those zion-christians perverts until
the promise of God happens.
make no mistake
mark my words.


B.S. is B.S.
The pitiful fact that Jessica Lynch has decided
to take a part in this farce as opposed to
telling the truth earns her the moniker
of "Traitor", not hero.
How can she show her face in public while
espousing these lies, especially while so many others are trying to live out each day without
casuality ?! They aren't looking for a movie deal,
thay just want to make it home---alive and well.

Hi Digger

Jessica Lynch is a coward being used by the USA media to coerce male soldiers to give up their life fighting for the safety of Zionist Nazis in their stolen lands. The USA media has manufactured this heroine to get media-dumbed-down White males to toe the line by fighting angry Moslems in the Zionist's proxy war being fought by innocent Americans. What Jessica Lynch reveals to mankind is how low unscrupulous animals can stoop to achieve "success" in the hands of the Zionist propaganda apparatus that the main USA media is.


in reply to wondering Oct 29 2003....If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance....bamboozzle 'em with bullshit.
"the use of "statistically improbable occurrence" is nothing more than a gross overstatement."
Yeah Right !!!!!!!!

did I spell bamboozle correctly?


Im not sure about the other deaths but suicide should not be italicized. I dont know the exact figures but I think you will find that a great portion of military personnel commit suicide after a time in war, also, that portion increases when they are in the special forces. There is a tremendous amount of psychological pressure on these men. I am not discrediting or crediting the conspiracy theory laid out; just stating some facts. Furthermore, I think that a "statistically improbable occurrence" is far cry when discussing the probability of events. As a former Marine, I knew guys in special forces and found those men to be more of risk takers, per se, than the average individual. Thus, if I were to juxtapose a group of men in the special forces and a group of men in a college fraternity, I think that you would find inherent differences in their actions, reactions, and lifestyles. With that being said, the use of "statistically improbable occurrence" is nothing more than a gross overstatement.


There are real heros in Iraq risking their lives everyday for a bunch of White House lies. The Pentagon can't afford to have a high profile story discovered to be false.


Thought you'd like to see this, Jim.


BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! You only left out one important piece to the flick--After the commdr murmurs to Jessica about the ordeal being over, she is supposed to respond "What ordeal. Who the hell are you and why are you here? How did I get here?" She says all this selectively of course.


In Oregon the family of the soldier

who actually died in the firefight from

the wounds that were initially attributed to pfc. Lynch believe the

Pentagon should at least grant him

a posthumous distinguished service cross.

Their name is Walsh and I agree.

Me Here

Me I just Laugh at you americans, 90% of you Sheeple are sucking this up as much as Arnie's glory of going from Hollywood Actor to Govt Actor ...... Let the comedy go on >... At least you yanks make war humourous !!

Wilson Boozer

Since the “rescue,” I have given a great deal of thought to the way the networks will present the story. First, the star probably will be Pamela Anderson. It will be a challenge for the makeup department to portray her as nineteen, but she has the necessary physical equipment for the part. She will be clad in skin-tight fatigues (they probably no longer call them that) that will reveal bountiful dewy cleavage to be heaved during stressful scenes.

There will be a battle scene with her wearing bandoleers, Rambo style, spitting fiery death from her machine gun, until she is overwhelmed by the sinister forces of Saddam, while kicking and screaming patriotic epithets at her captors. Yielding to multiple wounds, she will finally be subdued because of blood loss after littering the ground with the corpses of her adversaries.

Once she is safely in custody, she will be slapped silly by one of Saddam’s officers, but she will never vouchsafe critical information about troop movements, strategy, etc. Using what is left of her waning strength, she will knee him in the cajones just before she passes out. It goes without saying that the attempt of her captors to return her to American lines will not be shown, nor will we see the care delivered to her by the Iraqi medical people. And of course, that the Iraqi army had left the hospital the previous day will not be revealed.

The “rescue” will take place with Green Beret types rappelling from helicopters, armed to the teeth. The Iraqi army will scurry in terror from the invading troops as the door is kicked in. The commander will gently murmur to Jessica that her ordeal is over.

Fade to credits.


Williams is perhaps the only soldier who had nothing to do with the rescue of Lynch as Special Forces operators are usually not part of a maint. unit. Still, 3 soldiers lost, all having been part of the rescue team???? Maybe there is something to the suggestion that there is a conspiracy, but I doubt it.


Lots of people reading this cannot see that there are many links in the text.
The links are not clear enough and only really become apparent when you run your mouse over them.
Readers: check it out ... Webmaster: sort it out.

noel forresst

I do believe that there is much more to this. Who and where are those who were part of this operation? What did they see and what do they know that is such value that they are a liability? The answers are with those that remain alive and it is common knowledge that the more visable you make yourself the safer you are in this type of situation. Eventually, if there is more to this than coincidence (which I do believe there is)someone will have the courage to come forward.


what was there to hush up!?

the "rescuers" encountered no resistance -- the US military lied.

jessica was well treated by the iraqi hospital staff -- the US military lied.

the iraqi hostpital staff treated jessica BETTER than they treated their own people -- the US military lied.

the iraqi hospital staff tried to give jessica back, but they were fired upon by US troops, even though they were in an ambulance. the US military tells us she was saved by a "hero" iraqi lawyer -- who now gets a visa to the US and also gets a $500,000 book deal. -- once again, the US military lied.

private jessica has not said even ONE WORD of thanks to the people who saved her life -- she only thanked the fake "hero." she's accepted a huge book deal and refuses to ackowledge the people who saved her life. private jessica is an ugly, ugly LIAR.

one correction to this article is in order... Sok Khak Ung was not killed in a drive-by. He was at a party and someone shot over a fence and killed him (and then got away).

the hero-myth is especailly important for the american murderers to maintain. the pentagon can hold up the LIAR private jessica as an inspiration to millions, but it's all based on LIES.


The links didn't make it into my original post for some reason. I did a follow up called "Anatomy of a Rumor" which includes hyperlinks to the article of the soldiers deaths.

The only error I came up with when adding the links was Speer's death. Initial reports said he drove off a cliff, but his hometown newspapers said he drove into some trees. Either way, he died in a car accident with no witnesses to the event.



Does anyone ever check facts? Anyone look into this claim? Where are the references? A claim is not a fact. It's easy to jump to a conclusion, but it takes much longer to get back to reality. I'm not saying this isn't true, just that saying it doesn't make it true. Where are your references that these soldiers were in the group that rescued Jessica? Where are your references that these soldiers died?

Jeff Greer

Only 4? Bush has a long way to go to catch up to Clinton.


I think it was a disgrace to give her the Bronze Star, yes Give because she didn't earn it. a bronze star for what was essentially a traffic accident, well at least they didn't name a mountain after her.


Any links to these stories?


Nope. Can't be a coincidence, not to the tin-foil hat crowd.

What needs to be "hushed" up? Is there anything about Jessica's capture and rescue that we don't know about?

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