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December 27, 2003


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Is there any actual footage of these individuals celebrating
or "dancing?" I have tried to locate actual video footage
and the only photo evidence is the hand with the
lighter. The rest is the recollection of a Jersey housewife
who does not wish to go on record. I have heard about
this but have never seen the actual evidence. No one
filmed the events in question ie dancing or
jumping up and down; just several NJ residents
said they noticed it. Yet, even those stories had
variations: Some accounts said 3 guys were dancing
and another said all 5.

Furthermore, if these guys were Mossad, why would they
go on tv back home or have a high profile of any sort.
Usually, intel agents like to have a low profile and if they
have been outed, they still generally like to fade into
oblivion (unless they have books to sell a la Valerie Plame
or Phillip Agee).

As far as foreknowledge of 9/11, FBI field agents had
info on suspicious activity. The Presidential Daily
Briefing in late July/early August had a warning. If our
own government knew about these things and ignored it,
where do these assumptions Israeli agents knew and
did not warn? Maybe they actually thought these guys
were going to do something in Europe.

All I know is I have searched newspapers and tv news
sites and the only places I find any reference to the
5 dancing Israelis is Internet conspiracy sites. While
some people are highly suspicious of the mainstream
media (and I am too to a degree), I am more weary of
these web sites because there is no chain of liability;
no one can be sued for making erroneous or
libelous claims.

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