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January 09, 2004


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"Hitler erased an entire group of people.
Bush has never done this."


Bush isn't being compared to Hitler at his height of power. Bush is not yet recognized as "Dictator." At the moment, Bush is playing the retard in public to disarm the people. Meanwhile, he is paying huge sums of money for a media blackout while he rewrites the Constitution to deprive the American people of their Civil Liberties and solidify his power. He has already legally granted himself dictatorship in the event of ANYTHING he considers to be a national emergency. This is not Conspiracy Theory. Google "Directive 51."

Once that happens, I suspect that his true colors will be revealed. Anyone who tries to resist his New World Order will be detained indefinitely by his militarized police force and likely tortured (that is legal now).

I also DEEPLY resent people claiming that supporting Bush is "patriotic." I fail to see how ANYONE could continue to support a maniac who is destroying our country by shredding our Constitution, ruining our global reputation, conducting illegal wars on countries that did NOT attack us, and decimating our economy. What will it take to wake you people up?????????????????????

Time will tell. At this point, I am predicting that both a recession or depression will sweep the nation and another "terrorist attack" will occur in the next few months. When Americans are completely broke, desperate, and confused, Bush will declare Martial Law. I will be very surprised if there actually IS a 2008 election at this point.

Unless people wake up to the world around them, history may well read:

The United States of America


Just watch this video. Its Quite interesting.


And I have to say, the quote from the woman who's parents were killed by Nazis is so misleading. Her victimization doesn't automatically give her the ability to understand the workings of History. Citing her association with Nazi Germany is just a guise of authority. And while her list of "parallels" seems exhaustive and overwhelmingly conclusive, their vagueness only disguises the possibility, even probability, that each comparison is an oversimplification of the qualities of most modern wars.


There are several crucial points that all of these Bush-Hitler comparisons overlook. Here's a couple of mine:

-There is no ethnic, nor any other sort of cleansing going on among the citizenry. Bush is doing just the opposite and going to the opposite extreme by going against 80% of the population's wishes by admitting a controversial people group.

-Unless Bush refuses to step down from the Presidency after the next election, he's not a dictator.

Rihab kamal

One thing that might seem odd but it is common between the two ...
to Bush it was God who ordered him to invade iraq afghanistan with malice power and death
and hitler also claimed to be doing according to God's command
Obiviousley its not any jewish christine or muslim's God its god that he worship
god of ruthless power over the humbles...


Kelly - as one too often accused of making the claim that you are making now (at least I was at Harvard), I'll start off: you're entitled to your opinion, I respect it, and will defend to the death your right to express it.

That said, pragmatism suggests foregoing the easy 'Bush = Hitler' claim.

First: a 30-second provocative ad is not likely to alter the course of the country (but it did help MoveOn build up its core of activists).

Second: this type of ad annoys a large number of normal, reasonable Americans, who may or may not be conservative, but certainly don't see themselves as Fascist.

Waking them up without turning them off (into a paralyzed apathy) or pushing them away (to watching FoxNews) requires efforts far more enduring than the 'Bush=Hitler' claim.

Like flag-burning--I'll defend anyone who wishes to make the claim, but strongly encourage finding another more effective route to change American policy.

When hate is brought against hate, whoever has the larger bank account can mobilize the greater quantity of hatred: in this battle, the Liberal lose. We must play by different rules if we are ever to regain influence.

karmakat (the other one)

nicely done... karmakats agree!



Patriotism IS equal to Nationalism in Bush's world. get a grip. Under unilateralism in the dictionary is a picture of Bush and we all know unilateralism is a byproduct of exhuberant nationalism.

There are plenty of parallels between Bush and Hitler and nothing that's stretching it (similar hair or something mundane). The powers enacted after the burning of the Reichstag (9/11) and the preemptive invasion of Poland (iraq) under a load of lies are but two parallels.

J. Rush

I think that the main problem in this country right now, besides Bush, is blind patriotism. Don't follow the idiot over the cliff. Don't be the lemming, and don't drag the rest of America down with you. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said, "Any man who is afraid of speaking the truth, because it may offend someone, can not be an honest man." And I believe that the comparisons are real and that everyone in America needs to keep a very close eye on every one our appointed officials. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely! As long as Americans have discussions like this one, and there are at least of few of us that won't be "The Lemming", Hitler-Bush will never win. Viva La Resistance!!!

tim kngihts



keith you totally missed the point, the point was not genocide, it was the way that hitler came to power and comparative of how bush became dictator (not with full control YET)
the similarites of the events leading to the control hitler had over a nation blinded with staged events,(no 9/11 was not staged) lets try the economy and iraq (both were staged, and how he would be the great redeemer. This is similar to how Hitler "became" a evil ruthless individual THEN the genocide comes to play. educate yourself my friend. ( The major differnce, Hitler was elected and not appointed by a group of right wing nuts)

"Partisan Politics demonstrates fascism in its rawest form" - Rick

ed biasi

you really need to research Hitler,

the distinction between these two men are vast.

Hitler erased an entire group of people.

Bush has never done this. It is sad to think

people believe that patriotism is equal to



If I haven't said it before I'll say it now - I’m glad I stumbled across your site. An artist that comes out swinging was just what I needed on my list of favorites.


I admire your courage, Kelly.


Well said.


I am a conservative/liberal (if there is such an animal) thinking person with NO lever thrown for the next major election. I have read your posts. As you know I am a faithful reader/learner. There is much I could add to your thoughts/input; as strength to your latest post. There is not space here the do justice as a compliment. But...
Some time ago, there was a woman who stated that ALL the easements and abandoned railways in this country would be used as walkways for the "encamped". I thought "she" was nuts. She was high up in the political circles around here and I listened. As the world becomes more encumbered with views and ideals most differing from mine; I am reminded of that statement. We all have a number. The individual that spoke those referenced words was a devote conservative "right-wing" crazy(I thought).
I Thank-YOU for your opinion and words. I am enlightened and put foreword. Your references make a difference for the informed and UN-informed. At times I am not sure which category I fall into. :-)

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