Fukushima and the death of the Pacific Ocean - a list of links

Scientists are “baffled”, “befuddled”, concerned”, and “curious” about the die-off of the Pacific Ocean.  Almost no one mentions the F word, Fukushima.  I put together this links from Enenews.com that shows a direct correlation between the Fukushima and the die-off, even if scientists refuse to admit it.  Every story comes from a major publication.  These stories have been out since the beginning of the meltdowns.  There is not one scientist studying this who does not have access to this information.  Either they chose to look the other way or they are incompetent researchers who don’t really want to know the truth.  

There are a thousand links here, all in chronological order.  If you are pressed for time, skip to the back and read backwards to see how bad it really is.  I put this file together so that when someone says prove it, at least there are 50 plus pages of links that prove that Fukushima is killing the North Pacific Ocean.  Humans are next.

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Fukushima and the death of the Pacific Ocean

I have put together a .PDF  of a link to all of the stories from enenews.com since 3/11 that involve the death of the ocean, life forms and government cover-ups.  It is in response to a letter I wrote to a scents who is "baffled" as to why the whales are dying and why flesh is rotting off the bodies.  Please share.

Download Fukushima Appendix enenews

Emails About Fukushima to a Publicist's Author

Thanks for the quick reply.
I have NEVER thought myself as an anti-nuclear or anything of the sort. More of a Pro responsible development type of person. I have been completely neutral about nuclear anything, until the events of Fukushima caused me to start researching what is truly going on.
I live here in Alaska, and eat locally caught seafood, put this same food in my pantry, and on my kitchen table for my family and friends to eat. These same salmon were caught in the Pacific Ocean.
I wrote a lengthy email to Alaskan Lawmakers, Government officials and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, addressing the concerns I have for Alaska's Seafood Industry and not one reply.
When I talked to Alaska Department of Fish in Game in person, they assured me that Alaska's Salmon do not migrate to Japan, however, on their own website it states that they do indeed migrate to Japan. They point to the EPA, who's job it is to monitor the environment for radiation, but in the last 3+ years, we have not seen any real efforts for ongoing monitoring or testing from the EPA, other than a canned, "its fine". Like I am encouraged by any report from the EPA - NOT! (this is the same agency, whom after 9/11, released a report to the Government that said the air in NYC was the same consistency as breathing vaporized liquid drano, then said it was safe to breathe, after the pressure from the Federal Government told them to change the report… look it up).
As to my specific concerns, It is about nuclear in general, in that IT IS NOT SAFE! I will be more specific in a moment.
My first thought was to keep this brief but, as I started typing, I realized that it would do IN-JUSTICE to leave anything out. But trust me, I have skipped a whole lot! These are just a few highlights of the severity of this situation. - In summary, these are just a few of my findings, which describe some of the concerns myself, and others have. Keep in mind, that I have been researching this for the last 3+ years, ever since the Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated Japan on 3/11/2011. So I will endeavor to keep it brief, but fear leaving something out which would be pertinent.
My initial concern started right after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, All of the debris, from the ensuing tsunami AND nuclear explosion (a debris field the size of Texas, floating in the Pacific, which will impact the entire Pacific Ocean), that flooded into the ocean, into the atmosphere. Then the subsequent radiation plume, from the exploded Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactors, that carried crossed the Pacific and was dumped all across the United States (and continues to do so) has me deeply concerned. TEPCO has been dumping radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean, The NRC allows it to happen, and hardly a peep from Main Stream Media.
The NRC is NOT doing their job to protect "the people". This is first and foremost.
Nuclear waste WILL NEVER GO AWAY! It will continue to pollute the planet and the NRC's purpose is to keep the nuclear agenda moving forward at all costs. The only oversight we have, is by those entities who are sworn to protecting the industry and NOT protect the health of the people.
Let me break down this into several pieces. It is not just about Fukushima here….
Take WIPP, for example... It is a pilot project and they are using green-kitty litter to cover the stored fuel, which was the cause of their fire earlier this year.
There was a plutonium release into the air. This was not widely reported, but it did happen.
This was a pilot project which was designed not to fail for a thousand years, yet it already has….. (BTW.. what is the 1/2 life of Plutonium)? 
Chris Harris and Dr. Bill Deagle
Chris Harris, is a former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer.
Hanford has it's own problems.
"All the double-shell tanks contain waste that continuously generates some flammable gas," the board said in a letter received by Wyden on Monday. "This gas, will eventually reach flammable conditions if adequate ventilation is not provided".
Adequate ventilation????
THE NRC is turning their backs on these people.
IF the NRC is the oversight for this process, then they are not very competent in their keeping the public "safe".
Hanford is located below a dam, which has structural defects too
Now we have Calhoun Nuclear power plant, in the news, which is being shut down due to flooding risk (again).
Their generators are located BELOW HIGH FLOOD LEVEL!
Who allowed this to be built in a flood zone anyways?
Did you catch the report about the FLOOD and FIRE back in 2011?
I have not yet gotten to FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI yet.
Take a listen to this report, from Mary Beth Brangan, who reports on the NRC's response during a community meeting on Diablo Canyon, where the question about normal 'batch release' of radiation into the atmosphere.
Make sure you take a minute to review the links below the YouTube videos.
Evidently this is nothing new!
Our own military has recycles it...
We are already spreading our enriched uranium along with our spent fuel by using these in ammunition overseas in places like IRAQ…
Who is reporting on this?
Democracy Now: on
Depleted Uranium Munitions
Gordon Duff, the Senior Editor of Veterans Today has uncovered much more about Nuclear Weapons, Fuel and
There are way too many links to provide, but plenty are out there….
There are a number of "sources" which hold some level of credibility…
Because of all the DIS-Information, and MIS-information from TEPCO, the NRC, The US Government, Government of Japan (who I might add, put a gag order on ALL nuclear news, with threats of jail time, unless it is ok'd by them as being 'not against national security) It is difficult to weed through the information and come to a logical conclusion!
Do not take my word, Nor anyone else's…. Please, make up your own mind.
I can only point out what I see…….
Were you aware that Reactor #3 at Fukushima Daiichi was a MOX fuel reactor?
Sailor: "After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead" — Nothing alive for over 3,000 miles — No longer saw turtles, dolphins, sharks, birds — Saw one whale, it appeared helpless with big tumor on head.
RT News
And more…...
A Green Road - Coverup of Radiation Exposure of US Servicemen Near Fukushima and Operation Tomodachi
Nuclear Hotseat:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f46iXf865jMReports on First death of a USS Ronald Reagan sailor hit by radiation from Fukushima Daiichi while on the humanitarian aid Operation Tomodachi. Information just released today by the legal team representing the USS Reagan sailors in their billion-dollar lawsuit against TEPCO
Jeff Rense with Dr. Bill Deagle.
Nuclear Industry Profit Before Safety w/Arnie Gundersen
Fukushima decontamination volunteer "Blood suddenly splashes out of skin quite often. This is the reality."
Day #1,202 and things are not getting any better.
How about some more latest reports….
Some 39 months after the multiple explosions at Fukushima, thyroid cancer rates among nearby children have skyrocketed to more than forty times (40x) normal.
More than 48 percent of some 375,000 young people—nearly 200,000 kids—tested by the Fukushima Medical University near the smoldering reactors now suffer from pre-cancerous thyroid abnormalities, primarily nodules and cysts. The rate is accelerating.
More than 120 childhood cancers have been indicated where just three would be expected, says Joseph Mangano, executive director of theRadiation and Public Health Project.
The nuclear industry and its apologists continue to deny this public health tragedy. Some have actually asserted that “not one person” has been affected by Fukushima’s massive radiation releases, which for some isotopes exceed Hiroshima by a factor of nearly 30.
Below, are just a few people, with information and documentation, who have gone to great lengths to report on these events, and raise the awareness of others.
and many others…
There are mass die-off's, anomalies, and other odd events and everyone downplays the connection to nuclear waste.  Starfish turning to mush, Sardines and other feeder fish almost non-existent, Pelican population almost at zero, Whales with tumors, Rare Whales moving closer to the West Coast, Squid catches at an all time low. Oyster population decimated, Pink Salmon diseased, 100% of the Pacific Tuna tested last year tested positive for Cesium 137, along with other so called non-related events happening around the Pacific Ocean. Forests and trees are being affected, deformed blooms, sprouting from the trunks, leaf color wrong for this time of year. I could go on and on (look them up).
Now there is talk that radioactive material might make it's way to consumers?  The Government of Japan states that they are giving government grants to companies who are interested in extracting rare metals from the radioactive waste, to recycle it. This is an indication that they will extract the rare metals. They will have to dispose of the rest of the metals which all are still contaminated… These WILL be recycled, as well. These new recycled products WILL end up in the hands of unknowing consumers. How would you know? How would I know? Or anybody??
This is absolutely insane!
They… (TEPCO, JAPAN, THEM, WE, US, ANYBODY, NOBODY) has a way of ever cleaning up this mess, EVER. The technology needed to clean up this mess HAS NOT BEEN INVENTED YET!
The NRC is trying their best to keep a lid on reporting the truth. TEPCO has given false information, only later to be called on it. And their response is, "so sorry".
I am deeply concerned that we would even allow such an atrocity to happen.
Put depleted or enriched uranium in ammunition and shoot it all over the world.
Nuclear waste cannot be stored safely. It IS contaminating our food supply. It is contaminating the planet.
Recycled radioactive waste IS coming and we don't have a choice!
Do you think that the USS Ronald Reagan is completely scrubbed down? that was in Bremerton Washington, where did they dispose of this waste? Need I say more? 
Oh, one more thing, As I started this email the other day, here in Chugiak Alaska, it began to rain. I put my own Geiger counter out to take a reading, (a Mazur PRM 9000 Geiger counter). For the last 8 months, I have had an average reading of between 21-24 CPM. Well, the other day, It was spiking at 55 CPM, and averaged 44 CPM over a 10 minute period of time (THIS IS NOT NORMAL). The radiation, floating around in the atmosphere, from every nuclear detonation we have ever had, finds its way back down at sometime.
Do you fly? What is the exposure to radiation while flying? Most of this is man-made radiation. It is NOT normal!
My sincere hope is to spread the word, raise awareness, create some sense of urgency, talk to my children, as it is THEIR generation, and THEIR children who get to clean up our mess, long after we are gone.
I know there is so much more I have left out, but feel it is all-imperative to share.
I have cc'd both Mimi German, from RadCast.org, and Clint (Citizen Perth) on this email.
Feel free to reach out to them, as I have their permission to cc them on this as well.
So, specifically, I am wondering if YOU, are the journalist, who is willing to put YOUR credibility on the line, and blow the lid off of this atrocity?
Maybe you are another CHAMPION, who can help locate someone who can invent the technology to clean up this mess. - (I say shrugging my shoulders) if not you, then WHO? 
Take your pick, where  YOU would like to start.
Sincere Regards,

Nine years in Nicaragua

It’s just a few days shy of my nine year anniversary of moving to Nicaragua. My decision to move her shocked many people, but now many are inquiring about doing the same. I had a three year plan, but fast forward nine years and I am committed here for a significant portion of my future. I developed a beautiful group of friends, a business that I always dreamed of with a great staff who always have my back, a house (rented) at the edge of the forest and just one kilometer to my shop, which I can walk to along the beach, and an overall happy existence. 

Today someone mentioned how nice it is that there are many women entrepreneurs here and what a nice resource that must be for me. I hadn’t really thought of it that way, but we do have a large group of strong, intelligent, ambitious women who have left their mark on this town. Our successes feed each other, but we sometimes take it for granted and do not always take the time to acknowledge it because everything feels so normal in that it is no big deal. My friends have started an all girls surf camp, yoga studio, school, restaurants, property management companies, horseback ranch and B&B, hotels, gift shops, clothing lines and shops, consulting services....and most started these businesses on their own as opposed to as a couple. It’s quite empowering when I think about it.

One of the strange, positive effects this has had is that living in Nicaragua, I am closer geographically to my sister and I see her far more often than I did when I lived in the US. I have been blessed with a bookstore operation that that allows me to travel to the US several times a year to purchase books and hang out with my mom, sister and her family in a gorgeous little beach town in close vicinity to Goodwills and thrift stores where I can restock while hanging out with my family. I have been able to have a close relationship with my niece and nephews because of this, something that would have been much more difficult if I still lived in the US. I build the cost of the airfare and car rental into the price of the books, so most of the time it is a greatly subsidized vacation affording more opportunities to buy pretty clothes and sandals of which I have xx number of pairs, a secret because I do not even know how many pairs I have. When I moved here, I loathed flip flops. I was a Teva girl. Now I can walk up my insane hill in flip flops. I hike through the jungle in flip flops. Columbias and Sanuks, mostly.

It is a small country and I can usually go to any other town or city and run into someone I know or someone who knows of me. It’s all one big blur at times. Sometimes we complain about living in the fishbowl, especially as foreigners who stand out, but in the end we all choose to live here and this fishbowl gives us a sense of community that many of us did not feel and missed when we were living in larger areas and suburbs where we are disconnected from our neighbors. 

I do not remember the person I was when I moved here. I am freer. My creativity has moved into a higher dimension. I am happy. I enjoy my life. Although I don’t have enough time in the day to do everything that I want to do, I have enough time to do everything I need to do. I meditate (but not as much as I should lately). I make altars. I pray. I sing (though still not ready for a solo). I started to learn the guitar and I may get back at it in October. My wardrobe consists of funky skirts, dresses and shorts topped with tank tops. I have three more cats than when I arrived and learned to accept it and not be afraid of being called the crazy cat lady. I am more accepting of my faults, idiosyncrasies, and other shadow elements and I am less judgmental in my view of the rest of the world. The hardest lesson to learn was resistance is futile, go with the flow. The first few years I did not flow. It was hard to flow when I had to chase the Parmalat (milk) truck around town because Vladimir the driver would not stop at my store. I had to physically block the truck on more than one occasion to prevent him from refusing to sell me milk. Friends would call with milk truck sightings. “Block him!” I shouted as I jumped on my bike to find the elusive milk truck. Mind you, I purchase more than most of the little pulparias. Supply and demand are on two different tracks and resistance is futile.

For a year I would wait in line at the bank for no less than an hour to get change, only to here the infamous words, “No hay.” I stopped at a casino in Managua once to get a bucket of change because there was the great one cordoba shortage. We spent an hour each day begging our friends to count all the loose change on their dresser so we could make a bank. 

Then there were the roads. And the police points and the fines for imaginary infractions and tales of aduana (customs) and hassle after hassle. The robberies and the tens of thousands of dollars of stuff that has disappeared over the years here...it’s not cheap or easy to replace any of those things, either. There were serious incidents of violence, the second so brutal that I wanted to leave, but in the end I knew that it was not the fault of the country and I understand the lesson behind it, much of which connected me to my spiritual nature in a way that I could never have foreseen. Detachment from material goods is key, as is embracing life and going with the flow with full faith that the universe is taking me in the right direction. In the end, I feel happier, safer, and freer here than I do elsewhere. I have so much gratitude that I was able to create this life, and grateful for all of the help I have had along the way. 

Nine years with many more to come.

Fukushima: “Total media blackout” in Japan of lots and lots of people developing symptoms related to Fukushima disaster

 “Many cases of sickness and death among young generations” not reported

via Enenews - the most important website in the world.

World Network For Saving Children From Radiation, Oct. 26, 2013: A member of WNSC, a US resident and a native of Koriyama city, wrote a message about the critical situation of her family member’s friend. [...] A case like this is just a tip of iceburg.  Please share it with friends and families. IKKO is a Buddhist monk. His life is ending. He is only 34 years old and lives in Hiwada town [by Koriyama] in Fukushima. He had a heart attack two days ago, and his doctor announced brain death. He is now connected to life-support. My sister in Fukushima knows him through her student [...] She and IKKO got engaged and were planning to get married next year. She has just lost her father from cancer last April. He had worked at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant when he was younger. [...] My sister was present when IKKO had a heartattack and is in disbelief of what is taking place since he was fine before this happened. IKKO’s family and fiancee are devastated and are facing the most difficult decision whether to turn off his life-support. He is battling for his life right now. [...] There have been many cases of sickness and death among young generations in Fukushima although it is not reported by media.

Mother from Tokyo, Japan during Q & A at Cinema Forum Fukushima, Published July 1, 2013 (at 2:20 in): Have you ever read or heard any of the news that actually the symptoms are emerging in Japan? […] In Japan, it’s really a total blackout of media, even though there are lots and lots of people who have been developing symptoms. That information itself cannot come out because of the control of the media and the doctors, like the Society of Medicine in Japan, are denying even now that there have been health damages– not a single person, Fukushima or anywhere in Japan — which is really absurd. I just wanted to remind you that this is really a real thing. It’s not only the anxiety, it is happening. I think this is the most important thing. But there are very few people who talk about this […] I was outside on the 15th of March in Tokyo, and then about 1 month later, I had fever of like 103ºF for 8 days. And this [baby] boy, he was totally healthy, now he’s OK, but at the time he had 101ºF fever on and off for 13 times in the duration of 3 months. He had rash all over and he was really, really sick. He’s chubby now, but he became real skinny and he stopped growing for 3 or 4 months. It is really happening. I have 2 nodules in my thyroid, and my boy has countless number of minor nodules. So what I wanted stress most, the most important thing is the symptoms are happening. I want you to know, and I want you to spread this information.

Watch the mother from Tokyo speak at the Q & A here

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima



The map above comes from the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center.  It shows that radiation levels at radiation monitoring stations all over the country are elevated.  As you will notice, this is particularly true along the west coast of the United States.  Every single day, 300 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima enters the Pacific Ocean.  That means that the total amouont of radioactive material released from Fukushima is constantly increasing, and it is steadily building up in our food chain.  Ultimately, all of this nuclear radiation will outlive all of us by a very wide margin.  They are saying that it could take up to 40 years to clean up the Fukushima disaster, and meanwhile countless innocent people will develop cancer and other health problems as a result of exposure to high levels of nuclear radiation.  We are talking about a nuclear disaster that is absolutely unprecedented, and it is constantly getting worse.  The following are 28 signs that the west coast of North America is being absolutely fried with nuclear radiation from Fukushima…

1. Polar bears, seals and walruses along the Alaska coastline are suffering fromfur loss and open sores

Wildlife experts are studying whether fur loss and open sores detected in nine polar bears in recent weeks is widespread and related to similar incidents among seals and walruses.

The bears were among 33 spotted near Barrow, Alaska, during routine survey work along the Arctic coastline. Tests showed they had “alopecia, or loss of fur, and other skin lesions,” the U.S. Geological Survey said in a statement.

2. There is an epidemic of sea lion deaths along the California coastline…

At island rookeries off the Southern California coast, 45 percent of the pups born in June have died, said Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service based in Seattle. Normally, less than one-third of the pups would die.   It’s gotten so bad in the past two weeks that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared an “unusual mortality event.”

3. Along the Pacific coast of Canada and the Alaska coastline, the population of sockeye salmon is at a historic low.  Many are blaming Fukushima.

4. Something is causing fish all along the west coast of Canada to bleed from their gills, bellies and eyeballs.

5. A vast field of radioactive debris from Fukushima that is approximately the size of California has crossed the Pacific Ocean and is starting to collide with the west coast.

6. It is being projected that the radioactivity of coastal waters off the U.S. west coast could double over the next five to six years.

7. Experts have found very high levels of cesium-137 in plankton living in the waters of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the west coast.

8. One test in California found that 15 out of 15 bluefin tuna were contaminated with radiation from Fukushima.

9. Back in 2012, the Vancouver Sun reported that cesium-137 was being found ina very high percentage of the fish that Japan was selling to Canada…

• 73 percent of mackerel tested

• 91 percent of the halibut

• 92 percent of the sardines

• 93 percent of the tuna and eel

• 94 percent of the cod and anchovies

• 100 percent of the carp, seaweed, shark and monkfish

10. Canadian authorities are finding extremely high levels of nuclear radiation in certain fish samples…

Some fish samples tested to date have had very high levels of radiation: one sea bass sample collected in July, for example, had 1,000 becquerels per kilogram of cesium.

11. Some experts believe that we could see very high levels of cancer along the west coast just from people eating contaminated fish

“Look at what’s going on now: They’re dumping huge amounts of radioactivity into the ocean — no one expected that in 2011,” Daniel Hirsch, a nuclear policy lecturer at the University of California-Santa Cruz, told Global Security Newswire. “We could have large numbers of cancer from ingestion of fish.”

12. BBC News recently reported that radiation levels around Fukushima are “18 times higher” than previously believed.

13. An EU-funded study concluded that Fukushima released up to 210 quadrillion becquerels of cesium-137 into the atmosphere.

14. Atmospheric radiation from Fukushima reached the west coast of the United States within a few days back in 2011.

15. At this point, 300 tons of contaminated water is pouring into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima every single day.

16. A senior researcher of marine chemistry at the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Meteorological Research Institute says that “30 billion becquerels of radioactive cesium and 30 billion becquerels of radioactive strontium” are being released into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima every single day.

17. According to Tepco, a total of somewhere between 20 trillion and 40 trillion becquerels of radioactive tritium have gotten into the Pacific Ocean since the Fukushima disaster first began.

18. According to a professor at Tokyo University, 3 gigabecquerels of cesium-137 are flowing into the port at Fukushima Daiichi every single day.

19. It has been estimated that up to 100 times as much nuclear radiation has been released into the ocean from Fukushima than was released during the entire Chernobyl disaster.

20. One recent study concluded that a very large plume of cesium-137 from the Fukushima disaster will start flowing into U.S. coastal waters early next year

Ocean simulations showed that the plume of radioactive cesium-137 released by the Fukushima disaster in 2011 could begin flowing into U.S. coastal waters starting in early 2014 and peak in 2016.

21. It is being projected that significant levels of cesium-137 will reach every corner of the Pacific Ocean by the year 2020.

22. It is being projected that the entire Pacific Ocean will soon “have cesium levels 5 to 10 times higher” than what we witnessed during the era of heavy atomic bomb testing in the Pacific many decades ago.

23. The immense amounts of nuclear radiation getting into the water in the Pacific Ocean has caused environmental activist Joe Martino to issue the following warning

“Your days of eating Pacific Ocean fish are over.”

24. The Iodine-131, Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 that are constantly coming from Fukushima are going to affect the health of those living the the northern hemisphere for a very, very long time.  Just consider what Harvey Wassermanhad to say about this…

Iodine-131, for example, can be ingested into the thyroid, where it emits beta particles (electrons) that damage tissue. A plague of damaged thyroids has already been reported among as many as 40 percent of the children in the Fukushima area. That percentage can only go higher. In developing youngsters, it can stunt both physical and mental growth. Among adults it causes a very wide range of ancillary ailments, including cancer.

Cesium-137 from Fukushima has been found in fish caught as far away as California. It spreads throughout the body, but tends to accumulate in the muscles.

Strontium-90’s half-life is around 29 years. It mimics calcium and goes to our bones.

25. According to a recent Planet Infowars report, the California coastline is being transformed into “a dead zone”…

The California coastline is becoming like a dead zone.

If you haven’t been to a California beach lately, you probably don’t know that the rocks are unnaturally CLEAN – there’s hardly any kelp, barnacles, sea urchins, etc. anymore and the tide pools are similarly eerily devoid of crabs, snails and other scurrying signs of life… and especially as compared to 10 – 15 years ago when one was wise to wear tennis shoes on a trip to the beach in order to avoid cutting one’s feet on all the STUFF of life – broken shells, bones, glass, driftwood, etc.

There are also days when I am hard-pressed to find even a half dozen seagulls and/or terns on the county beach.

You can still find a few gulls trolling the picnic areas and some of the restaurants (with outdoor seating areas) for food, of course, but, when I think back to 10 – 15 years ago, the skies and ALL the beaches were literally filled with seagulls and the haunting sound of their cries both day and night…

NOW it’s unnaturally quiet.

26. A study conducted last year came to the conclusion that radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster could negatively affect human life along the west coast of North America from Mexico to Alaska “for decades”.

27. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is being projected that the cleanup of Fukushima could take up to 40 years to complete.

28. Yale Professor Charles Perrow is warning that if the cleanup of Fukushima is not handled with 100% precision that humanity could be threatened “for thousands of years“…

“Conditions in the unit 4 pool, 100 feet from the ground, are perilous, and if any two of the rods touch it could cause a nuclear reaction that would be uncontrollable. The radiation emitted from all these rods, if they are not continually cool and kept separate, would require the evacuation of surrounding areas including Tokyo. Because of the radiation at the site the 6,375 rods in the common storage pool could not be continuously cooled; they would fission and all of humanity will be threatened, for thousands of years.”

Are you starting to understand why so many people are so deeply concerned about what is going on at Fukushima?

For much more on all of this, please check out the video posted below

About the author: Michael T. Snyder is a former Washington D.C. attorney who now publishes The Truth. His new thriller entitled “The Beginning Of The End” is now available on Amazon.com.

21 Traits of an Awakening Soul

Christina Sarich, Contributor
Waking Times

You can say its because of a global shift in consciousness, a destiny we have arrived at due to spiritual evolution, or the outcome of strange times, but, many people all across the globe are going through intense personal changes and sensing an expansion of consciousness. Personal changes of this magnitude can be difficult to recognize and to understand, but here are 21 traits of an awakening soul, a ‘sensitive’, or an ‘empath.’

1.  Being in public places is sometimes overwhelming. Since our walls between self and other are dissolving, we haven’t really learned to distinguish between someone else’s energy and our own. If the general mood of the crowd is herd-like or negative, we can feel this acutely, and may feel like retreating into our own private space. When we have recharged our batteries with meditation, spending time in nature, far away from other people, or just sitting in quiet contemplation, we are ready to be with the masses again. In personal relationships, we often will feel someone else’s emotions as our own. It is important to have this higher sense of empathy, but we must learn to allow another person’s emotions while observing them and keeping our empathy, but, realizing that not all emotions belong to usSocial influence can dampen our own innate wisdom.

2.  We know things without having to intellectually figure them out. Often called intuitive awareness, we have ‘a-ha’ moments and insights that can explain some of the most complex theories or phenomenon in the world. Some of the most brilliant minds of our time just ‘know.’ Adepts and sages often were given downloads of information from higher states of consciousness after meditating or being in the presence of a more conscious individual; this is happening for more people with more frequency. As we trust our intuition more often, it grows stronger.  This is a time of ‘thinking’ with our hearts more than our heads. Our guts will no longer be ignored. Our dreams are becoming precognitive and eventually our conscious thoughts will be as well.

3.  Watching television or most of main stream media, including newspapers and many Hollywood movies is very distasteful to us. The mindset that creates much, but not all, of the programming on television and in cinema is abhorrent. It commodifies people and promotes violence. It reduces our intelligence and numbs our natural empathetic response to someone in pain.

4.  Lying to us is nearly impossible. We may not know exactly what truth you are withholding, but we can also tell (with our developing intuition and ESP skills) that something isn’t right. We also know when you have other emotions, pain, love, etc. that you aren’t expressing. You’re an open book to us. We aren’t trained in counter-intelligence, we are just observant and knowing. While we may pick up on physical cues, we can look into your eyes and know what you are feeling.

5.  We may pick up symptoms of your cold, just like men who get morning sickness when their wives are pregnant. Sympathy pains, whether emotional or physical, are something we experience often. We tend to absorb emotion through the solar plexus, considered the place we ‘stomach emotion’ so as we learn to strengthen this chakra center, we may sometimes develop digestive issues. Grounding to the earth can help to re-establish our emotional center. Walking barefoot is a great way to re-ground.

6.  We tend to root for the underdog, those without voices, those who have been beaten down by the matrix, etc. We are very compassionate people, and these marginalized individuals often need more love. People can sense our loving hearts, so complete strangers will often tell us their life stories or approach us with their problems. While we don’t want to be a dumping ground for everyone’s issues, we are also a good ear for those working through their stuff.

7.  If we don’t learn how to set proper boundaries, we can get tired easily from taking on other people’s emotions. Energy Vampires are drawn to us like flies to paper, so we need to be extra vigilant in protecting ourselves at times.

8.  Unfortunately, sensitives or empaths often turn to drug abuse or alcohol to block some of their emotions and to ‘protect’ themselves from feeling the pain of others.

9.  We are all becoming healers. We naturally gravitate toward healing fields, acupuncture, reiki, Qi-Gong, yoga, massage, midwivery, etc. are fields we often find ourselves in. We know that the collective needs to be healed, and so we try our best to offer healing in whatever form we are most drawn to. We also turn away from the ‘traditional’ forms of healing ourselves. Preferring natural foods, herbs, and holistic medicine as ways to cure every ailment.

10.  We see the possibilities before others do. Just like when the church told Copernicus he was wrong, and he stood by his heliocentric theory, we know what the masses refuse to believe. Our minds are light-years ahead.

11.  We are creative. We sing, dance, paint, invent, or write. We have amazing imaginations.

12.  We require more solitude than the average person.

13.  We might get bored easily, but we are really good at entertaining ourselves.

14.  We have a difficult time doing things we don’t want to do or don’t really enjoy. We really do believe life was meant to be an expression of joy. Why waste it doing something you hate? We aren’t lazy, we are discerning.

15.  We are obsessed with bringing the truth to light. Like little children who say, “that’s not fair” we want to right the wrongs of the world, and we believe it often just takes education. We endeavor to explain the unexplainable and find answers to the deep questions of life. We are seekers, in the Campbellian paradigm. ‘The Hero With a Thousand Faces.”

16.  We can’t keep track of time. Our imaginations often get away with us and a day can feel like a minute, a week, a day.

17.  We abhor routine.

18.  We often disagree with authority (for obvious reasons).

19.  We will often be kind, but if you are egotistical or rude, we won’t spend much time with you or find an excuse to not hang out with people who are obsessed with themselves. We don’t ‘get’ people who are insensitive to other people’s feelings or points of view.

20.  We may be vegan or vegetarian because we can sense a certain energy of the food we eat, like if an animal was slaughtered inhumanely. We don’t want to consume negative energy.

21.  We wear our own emotions on our sleeves and have a hard time ‘pretending’ to be happy if we aren’t. We avoid confrontation, But will quietly go about changing the world in ways you can’t even see.

These 21 traits of an awakening soul are a reminder of how important it is to maintain awareness, clarity and strength in these interesting times. If you are experiencing something that is not on this list, please add it to the comments section below.

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

30 Minutes Exposure To 4G Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain

The peer-reviewed journal Clinical Neurophysiology has just published research showing that 30 minutes of exposure to LTE cellphone radiation affects brain activity on both sides of the brain.1

Researchers exposed the right ear of 18 participants to LTE radio frequency radiation for 30 minutes. The absorbed amount of radiation in the brain was well within international (ICNIRP) cell phone legal limits and the source of the radiation was kept 1 cm from the ear. To eliminate study biases the researchers employed a double blind, crossover, randomized design, exposing participants to real and sham exposures.

The resting state brain activity of each participant was measured by magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) twice, once after exposure to LTE radio frequency radiation, and then again after a sham exposure.

The results demonstrate that radio frequency radiation from LTE 4G technology affects brain neural activity in both the closer brain region and in the remote region, including the left hemisphere of the brain.

LTE Fastest Developing Mobile System Technology Ever

This study is important for two reasons. Firstly because it is the first one to be carried out on the short-term effects of Long Term Evolution (LTE), fourth generation (4G) cell phone technology. Secondly, because of the rapid rate of adoption of this technology.

According to the Global mobile Suppliers Association “LTE is the fastest developing mobile system technology ever”.  The United States is the largest LTE market in the world. By March 2013 the global total of LTE subscriptions was already 91 million subscribers. Over half of these, 47 million, were American 4G subscribers.

Cell Phone Radiation Image

Image republished with permission. Original source.

Cell Phone Exposures and Disease

This study establishes that short-term exposure to LTE radio frequency radiation affects brain activity. The long-term effects of these exposures have yet to be studied but there is already considerable evidence linking these exposures to a myriad of adverse biological effects including:

Sperm damage

DNA breaks

Increased glucose in the brain

Weakened bones

Genetic stress

Immune system dysfunction

Effects on unborn children

More worrying is the link between these exposures and a long list of diseases such as:

Alzheimer’s disease


Brain Tumors

Breast cancer

Brain cancer

More research is needed on the effects of LTE and other forms of cell phone radiation but the evidence is already compelling.  Many scientific and medical experts are sounding the alarm.

via 30 Minutes Exposure To 4G Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain.